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Get here names and some quotes of people who participated in recent events or projects

Prof. Carl Djerassi, PhD, MD, the "mother of the pill" as he uses to describe himself, participated in an international press conference in Vienna and we co-promoted the performance of his theater play in Vienna "You did such a wonderful job !"
Prof. Anita Rieder, MD, Institute for Social Medicine at the university of Vienna: "You are definitely the best agency. Your understanding for the medical background is an essential quality."
Prof. Michael Zimpfer, MD, MBA, head of the University Clinic for Anesthesiology in Vienna's General Hospital: "I invited you, because I have heard only the best about you and your work."
Prof. Karlheinz Tscheliessnigg, MD, head of the Univ. Clinic for Surgery in Graz, Austria, after a press conference on pacemakers. "I have next year an large congress in Graz and would like you to handle the media relations"
Prof. Ferdinand Waldenberger, MD, PhD, heart surgeon in Vienna's Lainz Hospital after a press conference on biological heart valve prosthesis: "This was organized extremely professionally. I hope we have soon the opportunity to cooperate again."
Prof. Richard Goldberg, MD, PhD, Mayo Clinic, participated in the press conference of the Austrian Society for Oncology and Hematology
Sometimes even regular customers "try" other agencies - We appreciate that because they all come back. Prof. Heinrich Salzer, MD, head of the dept for gynecology in Vienna's Wilhelminen Hospital: "I am so glad to work with you again. I do not want to tell too much, but this other agency finally spoiled the whole project."
Prof. George Fodor, MD, Univ. of Ottawa, Canada, cardiologist, after a press conference on hyperhomocysteinemia: "Thank you, this was a really wonderful press conference!"
Prof. Bernd Saletu, MD, psychiatrist, president of the Austrian Society for the Research on Sleeping Disorders, after a press conference on a new hypnotic substance: "This was incredible, never I have seen more journalist in a press conference. It was great!"
Univ. Doz. Kurt Mezaros, MD, psychiatrist, after a campaign related to sleeping disorders: "The cooperation with you was extremely pleasant. I enjoyed it a lot."